Sunday, July 18, 2010

Re-Inventing the Box

Besides mostly containing a lot of sh@*%t, what do disposable diapers and traditional stationery boxes have in common? They both occupy more than their share of landfill space. I can get behind the convenience of Pampers and you'll hear no eco bad-mouthing directed at exhausted mommies from my corner. But finding a sustainable alternative to that awful plastic lid and coated cardboard box is my responsibility. It's long been on my to-tackle list. Recently my friend Don, who works with youth in LA's foster care program, brought over two enterprising young men who are interested in this project. We spent an afternoon together reinventing the box. It was fun. I think we're close to identifying an efficient, high quality process that results in a beautiful sustainable and 100% biodegradable product. Clear windows are made from biodegradable/compostable corn based material. Wood is from managed farms. Stain and glue are waterbased art products.


  1. This is exciting, Annika, a real important event, thank you so much for sharing this project with us. I hope the boxes will be available for sale at church soon.....


  2. Annika & guys,
    These are just lovely! Great work! What are the lids made of?