Thursday, March 24, 2011

Master of Letters: Doyald Young

Master typographer Doyald Young died last Thursday. I was not fortunate enough to study under this giant of design. My academic timing was off. He taught at Art Center pre and post me. But I did learn from his students. My first weeks at Art Center in 1992 are a blur save for one day that is clear in my memory. Dana Herkelrath invited her mentor to speak to her (very green) design students. Doyald’s reverence for the letterform and his eagerness to impart his knowledge opened my eyes to a new kind of beauty. Fifteen years later one of his typefaces, with its narrow bold strokes, became the inspiration for my “Sustain & Heal” logotype. A memorial will be held April 10 at Art Center College of Design. And meet with Doyald on

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