Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grand Opening

Today De Milo Design opens and I hope you can come to our party. I've spammed a whole lot of people in rather haphazard fashion. All that's left is to wait for the energy to come. I feel so fortunate to have friends and customers who understand and support what I do with so much enthusiasm. Thank you! My friend Margie (who helped me sort and hang all that paper on the wall) sent me this poem today. Perfect.

Truth in Advertising

If we'd moved her,
she'd still have 'em,

the ad for Acme
Moving says, with a photo

of Venus de Milo.
But who, intact,

would Venus be?
Some standard-issue

ingénue. Give me
a woman who's lived

a little, who's wrapped
her arms around the ages

and come up lacking: that's
the stone that can move me.

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