Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bangladesh Day 7: Bovine Blues

Morning: Ty has gone to the "Decent Bakery" where I suppose it is that they sell moderately acceptable pastries. It may not be open. Today is Eid-ul-Azha, the Muslim holiday of sacrifice. Leading up to this day we have observed the plethora of cattle populating the streets of Dhaka. Cows huddled in parking garages, on balconies of apartment buildings, tethered to water spigots and traffic signal poles, wedged cheek to jowel on trucks, and in Christmas Tree lot types of arrangements all across the city. Goats also, but not as many. We see children walking a dozen at a time, leashes taught and straining, like a dog walker in Central Park. One goat outside our window chose to bleat all night. We hear this is the day the streets run red with blood of slaughter so on our excursion to Old Dhaka later I may have to just keep my head down.

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